As a senior member of the corporate communications design firm, Shelley Feder has spent more than two decades managing top level corporate assignments, including annual reports, branding and communications programs. From the Fortune 500 start-ups and not-for-profit organization her clients’ work has been featured in the industry’s top design competitions and publications worldwide. Shelley Feder, our founder, built Signature Design around an unshakable commitment that each project be based on a strong foundation of strategic thinking and an overall appreciation and understanding of each client’s unique marketplace. Her business acumen, intimate knowledge of all aspects of the design process, and continued ability to get the job done, sets her and Signature Design apart from the competition. Shelley leads and engages her team to create branding strategy, messaging and concepts for annual reports, corporate communications, advertising, web design and marketing collateral, both on and offline. She utilizes a hands-on technique, “taking a seat at the table” with clients for personal interaction and direct collaboration, translating ideas into successful and powerful results. Her abilities include developing a close understanding of clients’ industry and business strategies and working to develop their brand identity. Shelley works closely with each client to create and implement branding strategy / messaging with unique solutions to meet their individual communication challenges.